My Name is Tammie Ward-Hawkins. I live in Queensland Australia. I am educational doctorate student with the University of Tasmania and teach at a public high school. Previously I have taught in private high schools and public state schools.

My research thesis is looking at introducing a new teaching method into a upper primary classroom and observing the effects this will have on attendance, creativity and engagement in students aged 8-11 years of age. It will also measure and observe the effects of teacher workloads and attitudes towards the teaching method.

I believe that our world in ever changing and that we need to change the way in which we deliver curriculum and the content. Contemporary curriculum is the only way we are going to prepare our children for the future. We also need to understand that the way we learnt is not the way our children are going to learn. We need to be adaptable and flexible in our content and delivery. Today’s industry leaders are calling for employees to be critical, collaborative, cooperative, innovative, and creative thinkers and doers. Our current education system still resembles that of the 1950s, though it is ever so slowly changing. School no longer is to prepare students for higher education. It is to prepare students for the ever changing workforce for employment that is not even there yet. I believe that education is no longer the sole task of the teacher/ educator it is the task of the students, the teacher, the teacher aides, the parents, industry, and community. We will build the future of tomorrow.

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