Home learning

I’m a teacher. I can tell you from experience that forcing a child to learn is fruitless. All this does is stress you out and the child. In the end, both you and the child will see learning as a chore and not what it should be an enjoyable journey. Learning should take place naturally when there is curiosity and wonder.

The best times are those teachable moments, those moments when a child shows an interest in something, anything. While you have their attention, it is then that you are able to teach them to read and comprehend, do math equations, draw, build or cook because they are curious about the subject.

They want to learn, they are interested. When their curiosity fades, the learning should stop until next time. When curiosity is apparent learning can last for hours, and the recall of information is embedded into long-term memory. When learning is a struggle the learning is lost quickly.
So enjoy your child and learn with them when they are ready. Don’t worry about the worksheets and activities, they will get done. They are ideas for later. Get your child interested in learning with you. Get to know them, let them get to know you. Above all else, have fun. Learning should be enjoyable not a chore.